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We want to share a little bit about the process of Memorials In Glass, so on this page, we will show you how we create the Memorials In Glass signature pendant.
We use a very ancient form of glassblowing known as lampwork.   The modern process involves the use of a large bench burner, or torch, that uses propane and oxygen for fuel.  We use the borosilicate formula of glass, commonly known as PyrexTM.  This is a very hard and stable glass.  The colored glass we use is also of the borosilicate formula, which is generally hand-made and comes in a variety of hues.  The colors that we use for our Memorials In Glass pendants and spheres have been picked by the artist to achieve the maximum effect and to ensure premium quality.  We also use diachroic glass, which is a plate glass that has been vacuum coated with different metals and oxides that produce its iridescent shimmery color. Dig this it looks very similar to a piece of mirror, before it is encased into the molten glass.  After the piece has been made it goes directly into what is known as an annealing oven, that runs at 1100 degrees Fahrenheit.  The annealing process lasts up to three hours and ensures that the molecules inside the glass are in perfect alignment.