Artist Dave Jordan


I started lamp working in 1990 in the pristine beauty of the San Juan Mountains in Southwest Colorado.  Influenced by the early Venetian glass artist masters, I bring my love for nature and fantasy to create unique contemporary glass creations.  I  work with one of the finest glasses in the world, Pyrex from Corning, New York.  New technologies have made it possible to work fine colors into this sturdy durable glass.  The glass is brought to temperatures reaching 2000 degrees Fahrenheit to be  shaped into forms that eventually become the beautiful unique sculpture and memorials that are my one of a kind trademark.  I perfected the technique for Memorials In Glass in the early 1990’s through requests from my friends who had recently lost loved ones and who had wanted me to make a unique remembrance of their life.  I recently developed an innovative pendant design that accentuates the memorials in glass technique perfectly, and along with my classic double helix marble design, I introduced Memorials In Glass to the larger public in 2006.  I feel that my work is not just about creating a piece that provides a memorial for people, but the process acts as a step for healing and joy towards remembrance of the loved one who has passed on… 

Further bio:  Dave was a featured artist in the Robert Redford Sundance catalogue, and has the distinction of having his one of a kind marbles in the permanent collection of the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, New York. He has studied under the glass masters Roger Parramore, Sue Ellen Fowler, and Lewis Wilson.  He provides lessons and demonstrations for visitors and lovers of fine glass art in his studio in Lake City, Colorado.